Julia Chu Painting

Hand painted watercolors

Brief for Julia Chu' Paintings

 Introduction to Julia Chu Art Paintings by Viviana Puello-Editor in Chief Art Tour International Magazine:

      (Julia Z. Chu) 1941 born in China. Chinese-America artist  ,creates breathtaking watercolor Landscapes in a wide variety of media including watercolor, collage, feathers and Chinese pigments on rice paper, Chu sensitive and peaceful paintings capture  the beauty of nature with a very unique perspective and sense of space.  Bright colored brushstrokes applied with masterful skill and a mystical sensibility bring to life these amazing compositions that evoke in the viewer a sense of peace, balance and calmness inviting us to reach a state of bliss.

       Focusing on the subject of Global Warming, Julia Chu developed 10 series of paintings: Cherry Blossom, Abstract, Horse, Peacocks, Peony, and Scenic of US China. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in USA, Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul Korea 2015 and International Art Exhibition in Barcelona Spain. She has had Solo exhibitions in USA. Julia Chu has published two art books. Her 10 watercolor series including ?Cherry Blossom? have published in International Contemporary Masters Vol.9 by US World Wild Art Book in 2014.

              Viviana Puello-Editor in Chief. ArtTour International Magazine

                    from   Art Tour International Magazine (ATIM) 's Top 60 Masters of      Contemporary Art 2015 " ,Julia Chu has "ATIM'S Masters Award 2015" in  Art Tour International Magazine year 2015 Summer Issue.


Introduction Julia Chu Art Paintings by Yadira M Raman. Managing Editor ArtTour International Magazine:

Julia Chu was born and raised in China, but she traveled the world after settling in the United State, Her paintings works her travelogue , focusing on the natural elements of places she visited. The theme she usualy engages in is Nature- its flora and fauna, precious to the ecological life system on Earth. Her painted images reflect a desire for all natural elements to treely inhabit a space that exists in suspended animation. Tha is how she represents her wild horses-all wild beauties forever in search of a place in nature that is their true home.

Working mainly with watercolors, Chu experiments on rice paper with Chinese pigments. Her work is sometimes described as mixed media. where feathers, collage, and bold color adorn the painted image, helping to complete its essence . Her painting method is more traditional, and her color choice usually centers around the sweet and serene, evoking a sense of calmness and peace. By studying nature  closely, She becomes involved in its power and grace-- this is portrayed in her work. With her bold brush strokes, she presents the power of Nature, while softer color reflect elegance. By being so closely involved, she becomes more aware of the dangers that threaten to overthrow the natural balance. Through her paintings, she stresses how the effects of global warming are becoming more ominous than over.

   Her paintings reflect a bold style which is unique in its appearance  and message. Chu trained in Chinese calligraphy, an art form that teaches about the beauty of subtlety and patience; all her paintings, therefore, never fail to evoke the dichotomy between finesse and boldness-- a balance that is critical to maintaining the natural order of the world.

                                  Yadira M. Roman-Managing Editor ArtTour International Magazine     

    From "Art Tour International Magazine ,Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2016"                


                                                  Exhibitions and Awards

         In Nov. 12-13 ,2022  , JuliaChu : Peacocks Art Exhibition at Chinese Culture Center ,  Los Angeles . . 

exhibition will feature Julia Chu’s 39 peacock objects.  12  kind of birds . she has transformed the arts of the five species of peacocks through watercolor with real precious feathers of these resplendent birds on rice paper, including green, blue, white, red, pink, purple,yellow,mixed and  grey pearl peacocks all over the world and the "Peacock is Pride” on the Himalayas Mountain. 

         In Dec 2018, her  new art work in 2018 “Dream of Mountain Horses “ and her art "Gray Whales Are Coming to  S. California" both being published on the print and digital publication of ArtTour International Magazine's Anniversary Issue, be featured in an article in Toscana Culture Magazine in Italy, and weekly tv show “ArtTour International Show" that airs in New York at MNN-HD Spectrum 1993 . The show will air during the holiday season in December .

        In July 2018, her art work “Gray Whales Are Coming into Palos Verdes & La Jolla “has been accepted into the exhibition at Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), National Watercolor Society: Southern California Inspirations, Past and Present, on view Dec.22,2018- April 21,2019

        In May 2017, her abstract painting  "prosperity" show in Chines Calligraphy & .Painting Society of USA Exhibition

        In Oct .2016, her watercolor " Wild Flower in spring at Les Angeles" and "Mountain View in Canada " Show in Chines Calligraphy and Painting Society of USA Exhibition.

        In Oct.2016, Julia Chu was invited to Beijing China for "Beijing China International Famous Artists Exhibition 2016", her a painting :"Around world" was exhibition at Beijing China in Oct.27 ,2016.     

        2016 Julia five abstract painting with subject of protection of natural environment were chosen and published at Current Masters 1 in USA.

         2016, Julia two abstract paintings Global Warming , Glaciers Are Rapidly Melting" and Cruising under Stormy were chosen and published at Art tour International Magazine Top 60 Master of Contemporary Art 2016 .  

         Julia Chu three watercolors of CHERRY BLOSSOM were chosen and published at both the Art Tour International Magazine (ATIM)s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2015 and ATIM in summer 2015 Issueat USA. The Top 60 artists were selected from a pool of over 1200 submissions. ATIM gave Julia Chu ATIs MASTERS AWARD 2015 .

           In end of 2014, Julia Chu had 10 watercolor paintings that were published in" International Contemporary Master" Volume. 9. by U.S.A.World Wild Art Book. Julia Chu donated that book for Pales Verdes main library. Her will donate that book for Torrance Library

       2015, Julia Chu' artwork  participated two international Shows: Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul, Korea in Apr.8-13, 2015and ArtExpo Borcelona 2 ( Spain )in Apr.11-26, 2015.

       2015, June ,participated SBWS 2015 Exhibition . "Apollo to Moon", "Peacefulness", "Mountain Horse Return to Mountain".

        2015 , July participated TAG 2015 Exhibition:"Wildflower", "Arctic Sea Iceberg Are Melting Rapidly"   ," Soil Erosion".

        2015 Mar. Participated Chines Calligraphy and Painting Society of USA(CCPS) Exhibition:

: "DA LU GE".

.6 th 2014 , South Bay Focus 2014 ,in Torrance Art Museum , by TAM jurier Scott Catty sellected Julia Chu's two paintings " Apollo in Flight to Moon" and "Let the Mountain Horse Return to Mountain" in the juried show.

        Oct.18-19 2014 , "The Fountain and Streams" show in  " Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A. 2014 Fall Exhibit". in Los Angeles.

         Sep. 6th-Nov.8th 2014 Torrence Art Guild Show "Swimming into Rays of Evening Sunlight" and " Unforgettable Hard Financial Lessons, Crisis of 2007-08 and Stock Market Collapse".

        Aug. 30-31, 2014  Julia Chu  have sole art show " Julia Chu Watercolor Painting Exhibition" in Los Angeles , China Town , Culture Center . Subject: To Protect Earth . Julia Chu?s Contemporary Watercolor, abstract watercolor, to splash watercolor on paper, collages watercolor and Feathery with watercolor painting about scenic, flowers, horses and peacocks, total 40?s paintings will be show.In the open reception of JUlia chu's solo show , California Legislature Assembly, Mayor & Council Member of City of Monterey Park and Council Member of City of San Gabriel gave her Certificates of Recognition in the Open Reception.

she  got three Certificates of Recognition1)California State Legislatture Assembly certificate of recognition presented to Julia Chu "In Honor of Your Contemporary Watercolor, Abstract Painting, and Splashed Watercolor Exhibition .Best Wishes f or your Continued Suceess? by Assemblyman and former Warnut City Mayoress Su Wang Xiu lan.

 2)City of Monterey Park to Julia Chu Artist "To Protect Earth" Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition. The City Council of the City of Monterey Park applauds your delication and commitment to supporting and promotiong great works of art with the community and providing an opportunity to promote goodwill and cultural exchange. The City Council extends their best wishes to you for continued success in all your future artistic endeavors. by Mayor Anthory Wong and Council Member Peter Chan.

3)City of San Gabriel give a Certificates of Recognition  to Julia Chu's"to Protection of Earth Watercolor Exhibition, Congratulate Exhibition success--" Outstanding contemporary watercolor artist created art to present  love for protetion Earth that more people will be to respond ." by Chin- Ho Liao Council Member City of San Gabriel .

        June 28th-Aug.25th 2014 , South Bay Watercolor Society Exhibition"Let the  Mountain Horse return to Mountain", "Global Warming, Arctic Sea Icebergs are rapidly melting" and "Wild Flowers"

        Oct. 2013 painting " Yosemite Fall in California" and "four Seasons" show in " Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A. 2013 Fall Exhibit". in Los Angeles.

         Sep. 2013 Julia Chu's painting "Travel  Around World" Show in 2013 "International Exchange Exhibition of Fine Arts" in Kaohsiung of Taiwan.

            May 2013  paintings: " white Peacocks is dancing Tango" & "Freedom" show in " Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A. 2012 Spring Exhibit". in Los Angeles.

         Apr.11-May 5, 2013 two big size watercolor paintings"Freedom" and "Running Horse"   shown in Ethos Gallery: "Equestrim Spirit" . ? The Heart of the Horse . Ethos Gallery is located at 7763 Welrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 . "Running Horse" was  sold in show

            Sep. 2012  " Terraces of Ten Hills" , "Peacocka on Top of Hill" and "Shall We Dance?"  ...... 5 new painting  show in Torrance Artists Guild Presents June 2012, 23st Annual TAG Art Show.

            Oct.2012  new paintings: "Peacocka on Top of Hill" and "Shall We Dance?" show in " Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A. 2012 Spring All Members Exhibit". in Los Angeles.

           June, 6th-17th 2012 new 2 new watercolor painting "Peacocks Are Dancing Waltz"and "Cherry Blossom on Water" were received to "South Bay Watercolor Society, 2012 Annual Juried Exhibit . Those two new painting also show in " Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A. 2012 Spring All Members Exhibit". in Los Angeles.

           Nov. 29 ,2011 Julia Chu Have her new 2 watercolor painting "6 wild Horses "and "White Swans  " were received to Museum  OPEN CALL FOR ALL SOUTH BAY ARTISTS : Torrance Art Museum's 2011 Annual South Bay Focus (Artists must live or work in  South Bay 15 cities to be eligible to participate ).

    Sep 25 ,2011 wax dye watercolor in rice paper painting " White Swan" won 2nd cash place in 22nd Annual Torrance Artists' Guilg 2011 Open Juried Show.

    May 2011 "Cherry brossom" was selected  for the 2011 "National Watercolor Society All menber Exhibition"  

    May 2011 :" The Peacocks In Their Pride" is exhibition in "100 Artists Show" at  los Angeles ."the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of U.S.A." invited more then 100 distinguished atists from the U.S. Taiwan, Canada and China to the show for celebrating Revolution  led by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Had resulted in the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911. To commemorate this century long journey of the Democracy.

    Torrance Artists Guild Presents June 2010, 21st Annual TAG Art Show,Third Place and Cash award :"Wild Horses Return To Freedom"

    Torrance Artists Guild, May 2010 Competition,First place:" Peony".

    Torrance Artists Guild, March 2010 Competition, Honorable Mention:"Ocean View of Catalina Island,La jolla and Whale Watching"

    "JULIA CHU's WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION" ,Feb.1-March 5,2010 at NINA's ART GALLERY in Torrance, CA , USA. and Published " SELECTED WATERCOLOR CREATIONS of JULIA CHU" in Feb. 2010.

     Torrance Artists Guild , Feb. 2010 Competition, Honorable Mention: "Snow Lilly".

     South Bay Watercolor Society November 2009 Competition,First place:"Wild Horses Return To Freedom". 

    Torrance Artists Guild ,November 2009 Competition , second place :abstract watercolor "Mysterious Peak" . 

    Exhibition "Spirit Of  The Horse" May-June ,2009 , CA. Juried Showed " Runing Horses"(Wild Horses Return To Freedom").

     Exhibition "2009 Torrance Artists Guild Members Juried Show". in Aug. 2009 Torrance Art Museum "Rising Moon Under The Sunset" .

     Exhibition "2009 South Bay Watercolor Society (LA.) 2009 Members juried Show" in July. " Life Under Sea" .

     Torrance Artists Guild Aug. 2009 competition HONORABLE MENTION " The Peacocks In Their Pride" . 

        National Watercolor Society U.S.  2007 All Members Juried Show :   Global Warming At The Rocky Mountain.                                     

   2007 ?Spirit of The Horse ? Art Competition & Expo. Juried Show, at Los Angeles, watercolor, 1st Place and cash award  : Horses Saunter; and show watercolor painting : Freedom .                                                    

     South Bay Watercolor Society, ( in Los Angeles ), 2008 Annual Members Juried Exhibit In Torrance Art Museum :  Global Warming---Ice Is Over Melting At The Rocky Mountain & Cherry Blossom On Water which with Merchandising Award.

    2008 Torrance Artists Guild Members Juried Show , Honorable Mention:  "Coconut Tree".  

    South Bay Watercolor Society , (in Los Angeles ), 2007 Annual Members  Juried Exhibit In Torrance Art Museum : ?Global Warming at Rocky Mountain  & Gorge  .

    Palos Verdes Art Center, CA.  2007 Juried All Media Exhibition:  Coconut Tree .                                                                                                                                                                             

   May/2008,  20th Annual Torrance Artists Guild Art Show , 2nd place and Cash award : ?Floating Cherry Blossom  

   South Bay Watercolor Society, Nov/2008 Competition, 3rd place: "Prosperity-Peony"; Torrance Artists Guild Dec/2008 Competition, Honorable Mention : " Prosperity-Peony" .  

   Torrance Artists Guild  , CA. ,Apr/2008 Competition, 3rd place : Mountain View                                          

   2008 ?Spirit of the Horse? Juried Exhibition in Palos Verdes Art Center: Horses Groups Travel

   Torrance Artists Guild, CA. May/2008 competition,  Honorable Mention :  Horse Run On Beach

   South Bay Watercolor Society, CA.  Jan/2008 Competition, 2nd place : Mountain Village And Fall

   South Bay Watercolor Society, CA. Nov/2007 Competition, 2nd place : Floating Cherry Blossom

   Torrance Artists Guild, CA. Nov/2007 Competition, 3rd place: Floating Cherry Blossom .

   South Bay Watercolor Society, CA.  May/2007 competition,1st place:  Cloudscape Of Pales Verdes CA

   Torrance Artists Guild , CA. Jan/2007 Competition, 2nd place: Gorge

   Torrance Artists Guild, CA. 19th  Annual Gallery Of Fine Art,2006, 2nd place and cash award:  Shrimps ;  3rd place and cash award:  Global Warming--Ice  Is Over Melting At Rocky Mountain.

   South Bay Watercolor Society 2006 Annual Members Juried Exhibit In Torrance Art Museum : Cherry Blossom .

   Torrance Artists Guild 2006 Annual Members Juried Exhibit in Torrance Art Museum :  Land Of Freedom".

       May  2006 show watercolor painting "Running horse in Beach" in "Portuguese Bend Pony Club Spirit of Horse Show" at P.V. of LA. That painting sold right in Show openning.

       Torrance Artists Guild, CA. 18th  Annual Gallery of Fine Art, Oct/2005 Juried  Show,  3rd place and cash award  :? Cherry Blossom?; Honorable Mention for photography: Lotus Flower In Echo Park Of Los Angeles .

   Torrance Artists Guild, CA.  Nov/2005 Competition , 2nd    place : ?Smoking Flower field

   San Gabriel Fine Art Assoc. CA. July /2005 Competition, American   Show , Honorable Mention :  Soaring To Hold The Moon

   Torrance Artists Guild, CA.  July/ 2005 Competition, 3rd place: Warriors





      2015Julia Chu被” 國際藝術漫遊雜誌(Art Tour International Magazine《简稱ATIM》)”選为2015年度的前60名現代藝術優秀作品,並得“國際藝術漫遊雜誌的2015年優秀作品奖”(.“ATIM’s MASTERS AWARD 2015”)

             ATIM主编及奠基人VivianaPuello親自为此雜誌撰文介紹Julia Chu的画艺創作及其画”樱花”):

Julia Chu 1941年出生於中國. 華裔美國艺术家, 她用广泛‧變化的媒体包括用中國水彩颜料,宣纸,羽毛艺术剪贴等各種方式創作了令人驚呼的水彩風景画,她的感人而安靜的画面抓住了自然美中的非常獨特的既繁華又有空間的美感.她用老練的毛筆法揮上鲜明燦爛的色彩,她對生命的妙不可言的神祕的靈感所創作出來的作品喚發了觀画者联想起這正是我们一直所向往的和平,均衡,宁靜的天佑境界.

         Julia 把绘画主题焦点聚在”全球暖化” 上,發展了十個系列的画: 櫻花,抽象画,馬,孔雀,牡丹,美國中國风景等。她的画参加了許多美國的繪画学会联合画展以及2015年韓國首尔的亞洲國際邀請画展及2015西班牙巴薩隆那市國際藝術展。在美國召开两次她的個人画展及出版两本個人画册。她的十幅水彩画包括樱花被美國世界藝術書出版社收集出版在” 國際現代艺术大師(作品) 第九卷2014, 並發行到世界各地。

                --Viviana Puello-國際藝術漫遊雜誌主编---摘自國際藝術漫遊雜誌2015夏刊授與Julia Chu "國際藝術漫遊雜誌的優秀獎2015".

     2016年Julia Chu兩幅关於全球暖化环保的抽象畫被登在國際藝術導游雜誌發表2016年最優60位現代藝術家作品專輯中.國際藝術导游雜誌發表2016年最优60位現代藝術家作品專輯中编輯經理葉德拉.罗曼(Yadira M. Roman)-為畫家Julia 的藝術畫撰文介绍(譯成中文) 如下:


她的創作主要是水彩, 很有經验用宣紙与中國颜料, 有時用多媒如羽毛, 藝術剪貼, 水彩著色。她的畫比较傳統以及颜色選擇經常是暖色和安祥, 喚起一種安靜和平安的感覺. 由於接近自然,她成為潛心歌颂大自然的威力和恩赐,這就是她的藝術作品的風貌。她手持毛筆,用力去揮出大自然的巨大威力,用溫暖的色彩反映出自然的优雅高貴。正是她深入投到自然,她變成更小心警惕顛覆自然平衡的危險。她的畫,強調预兆全球暖化結果如何變成從來未有过的惡果。


 Yadira M.Roman-(葉德拉.罗) 國際藝術導游雜誌编輯經理                                        




                                                                  历年  要畫展及受獎

         2022 , Nov. 12-13 這次畫展主要展出Julia Chu 的孔雀畫。她以孔雀族群為主相關的12種鳥為主题。大部分畫是收集這些孔雀各類鳥的真實珍貴羽毛剪貼在宣纸水彩畫上的藝術畫, 描冩世界各地綠、 藍、白、 紅、粉紅 、紫、,灰 珍珠的 8 各色不同孔雀甚至喜馬拉雅山上的” 孔雀開屏” 等 39幅孔雀作品。展出目的是與朋友們藝術交流,增加生活情趣。


            2018 年七月美國國家水彩画学会, 從4百多名美國國家水彩画学会成員的畫家中, 從两千多張畫中.挑選出幾十幅 畫去展览. Julia Chu的一幅”灰鲸季候迁移到南加州”的大幅宣紙水彩抽象畫被 選上了, 在南加州的OMA藝术博物館 展畫. 开展时向2018年12月22日至明年2019年4月21日

         2018年12月一幅”灰鲸季候迁移到南加州”畫以及另一幅2018年新作山馬的梦想” 两幅都一齐被國際藝術导游 雜誌ATIM列入2018年12月底同時纸本印刷及数码印刷在意大利的文化杂誌Toscana Culture Magazine  上發表. 还会在纽約的今年底节日电視节目中播放

        2016 Julia Chu的”全球暖化冰山溶化 暴風雨中夜航”水彩画被選入”國際藝術導游雜誌最優60現代藝術大師作品2016年(Art Tour International Magazine’s (ATIM) Top 60 Master of Contemporary Art 2016) .

     2016Julia Chu五幅環保主題抽象畫被美國”現今大師1号”2016出版發行。

     2016年10月Julia Chu被邀請参加” 中國北京國際知名藝術家展2016” 。她作品”環游世界”前往北京参展於2016年10月27日。


      2015年六月三幅宣水彩画“樱花”被”國際藝術漫遊雜誌(Art Tour International Magazine简稱ATIM)”"2015年度的前60名現代藝術優秀(大師)作品,Art Tour International Magazine (ATIM)s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2015" 60名作品是由1200多位的世界各國自由参加競选的艺术家作品(网站)里挑选出來的.再從选出的60名艺术家之中選出11位艺术家得獎,Julia Chu是11位得奖者之一,“國際藝術漫遊雜誌的2015年優秀作品奖(.ATIMs MASTERS AWARD 2015   .)

       2015年六月.参加洛杉矶南湾水彩学会2015年度联展,三幅水彩:"阿波罗登月","寧静","山馬歸山, B幅".


       2015 年五月参加美國中華藝術学會春季联展,作品:"台湾大鲁閣天险".     

2014年底Julia Chu十幅水彩画被美國"世界艺术書"出版社编入及出版在"世界艺术大師(作品)"第九卷. 葉竹瑩把此書捐献给洛杉矶市Parles Verdes 图晝館 , 亦将捐献给Torrance 图書館.

      2015年被邀請作为招待作家参加在南韓首尓举行的亞细亞美術招待展(國際性展览),Julia Chu以水彩萱纸直幅卷軸32"全开現代水彩画"山馬歸山"参展,於2015年4月8日至13日在首尔庆熙宮美術館展出.

      2015年被選入参加國際現代藝術展"ArtExpo Barcelona 2" 在西班牙,巴塞隆纳市举行,Julia Chu萱纸水彩現代画新作"平静的桂林"参展,於2015年4月11日至26日展出.

     2015年2月14被台湾新世纪文化艺术協会邀請参加在台北举行的"第二届两岸創意文化艺术交流展",Julia Chu以直幅卷軸4尺全开萱纸水彩現代画题目为"太鲁阁天险"参展.

       2014年11月8日-12月6日,洛杉矶南湾區十五城市的裁判挑選参展的"南湾焦点2014"展在托倫斯市藝术博物馆举行。Julia Chu两幅水彩畫:"阿波罗登月"及"讓山馬歸山".被博物馆長裁判Scott Canty 选入展出.

       2014年10月18-19日"重陽登高盼水來"展出在 洛杉矶舉行的"美國中華藝術学会2014年秋季會員聯展".

       2014年 8月30-31 Julia Chu個人画展在洛杉矶中国城侨二文化中心举行.展出Julia Chu的現代水彩, 抽象水彩,潑水彩,剪貼水彩,羽毛水彩的各式山水, 花, 马, 孔雀等40.主題是愛護地球保護野馬"。Julia Chu個展開幕式上有五個不同的藝術畫協會會长及成员到会,葉竹瑩獲得三份奖状:一,加州議员前核桃市市長苏黃秀蘭颁發的加州立法議会的讚譽证書鼓勵Julia Chu"現代画抽象画潑彩畫"光荣奖状。 二,聖蓋搏市市議员廖欣和颁發的",现代杰出水彩画画家以保護地球的愛心從藝術創作來表達更能引發多人迴響"的讚譽奖状,三,蒙特利市市長黃维剛議员陳振新代表颁發的市政府議會就"Julia Chu保護地球现代水彩畫展览,赞揚對於美術上的贡献和在社區全力支持推廣親善友好的文化交流”。奖狀.

     2014 年9月 托倫斯市藝術協会年展,"游入"及"不可忘的痛苦教:2007-08年股市崩倒到底""孔雀哥比"參展 

     2014年6月南湾水彩學會2014畫聯展‧"讓山馬回山","全球暖化,北極浮冰山加速融化" 和"野花"参展.

          2013 年10月, 美國風景"优胜美地"及"四季图" 展出在 洛杉矶舉行的"美國中華藝術学会2013年秋季會員聯展".

         2013年9月,水墨画 "雲游各地" 参加在台湾高雄市举办的台美加"國際美術交流展" .


         2013年4月11-5月8日在洛杉矶 Ethos 画廊"马的心藝術"展览会展兩幅大尺寸關於野馬重返自由的画:"自由了"及"奔馬".當场售了一幅"奔马".

         2012年9月新近作 "十坡梯田" " 孔雀在崗頂上遠眺" 及"我们跳舞好嗎?" 等五幅水彩或水彩羽毛画洛杉矶托伦斯艺术家协会23屆年度艺术展.


      201111月-12月葉竹莹兩張新作水彩画"六匹野马""白天鵝"被藝術博物馆接受展出,该展览是藝術博物馆2011年向洛杉矶南部海湾區15個城市藝術家展览"South Bay Focus.",地點在托倫斯市藝術博物馆,


      2011年 3月被美國全国性的"美國國家水彩畫学会"裁判選上萱紙彩色画"櫻花怒放"为參加 2011年5月舉行的"美國國家水彩学会全体会員画裁判选擇画展覽".

      2011 年5月"孔雀開屏"參加美国中華藝術学会邀請美,加及兩岸的傑出藝術名家百餘位共同舉辦的百人画展慶祝国父孫中山建立的中華民國100週年.

      2010年6月托伦斯艺术家协会21年度艺术展比赛,第3名: “放生野马

      2010 年5月托伦斯藝術家协会比赛,第一名:抽象画“牡丹”。



      2010年2月1日-3月5日,“Julia Chu水彩画展览会”在洛杉矶,托伦斯,尼娜画廊展出40幅畫。

      2009年11月洛杉矶南灣水彩學會比賽第一名: "野馬獲自由重返大自然".   

      2009年11月托倫斯市藝術家協會比賽,第二名 :抽象畫 "神 祕之峰". 

      "2009 年度馬的精神"藝術品裁判抽选展,在PV半岛舉行, "奔馬群",

       "2009年度托倫斯市藝術協会會員作品裁判抽选展 "在托倫斯市博物館展出: "暗香浮動月黃昏".

       "2009年度南湾區水彩畫學會會員作品裁判抽选展 "在托倫斯市博物馆展出: "海底生命" .

       托倫斯市藝術協会2009年8月比賽, 光荣獎 "(三個)孔雀開屏".    



 2008 12月托伦斯艺术协会比赛光荣奘"牡丹花".

 2008年度在洛杉磯,伯洛威迪斯(P.V.) 藝術中心舉行〝馬的精神〞藝術品裁判挑選展覽會上展出萱紙水彩畫〝馬隊迁途〞。

2008年4月   托輪斯藝術協會舉行藝術品比賽,第三名獎,大幅萱紙水彩畫〝山水〞                                                             

2008 1月 在洛杉磯,南灣水彩畫學會2008年1月舉行比賽,第二名獎,大幅萱紙水彩畫〝山青水秀〞

2007  洛杉磯,伯洛威迪斯(P.V.) 藝術中心,年度多媒體藝術品裁判挑選展覽會上展出大幅萱紙水彩畫〝椰子樹


  2007年度在洛杉磯,伯洛威迪斯(P.V.) 半島,舉行〝馬的精神〞藝術品裁判挑選展覽會,展出大幅萱紙2007年度洛杉磯,托倫斯藝術博物館,展覽南灣水彩學會會員作品裁判挑選畫: 萱紙水彩抽象畫〝峽谷〞.  水彩畫〝四駿馬闊步〞獲得繪畫第一名獎金。                                                                  


2007年5月在洛杉磯,南灣水彩畫學會舉行比賽,第一名獎,大幅萱紙水彩畫〝洛杉磯P.V. 半島雲景〞                                              

2007年1月 托倫斯藝術協會比賽,第二名獎,萱紙水彩抽象畫〝潑彩峽谷〞

2006年 托倫斯藝木協會第19屆年度藝術精品評獎展覽會,第二名獎金,萱紙水墨畫〝蝦群〞;第三名獎金,萱紙水彩畫〝全球暖化----洛磯山脈冰山過度溶化〞。


 2006年5月在洛杉矶P.V.半島馬藝展"Portuguese Bend Pony Club Spirit of Horse" 上展出大幅萱纸水彩画"海邊的” 奔马". 並當场售出了.


 2005年11托倫斯藝術協會月比賽,第二名獎,萱紙水彩畫〝 花原野

 2005年7月洛杉磯,聖蓋堡藝術協會舉行美國展  ,獲光榮獎,萱紙水墨畫:飛鷹〝欲上青天攬明月                                                                  











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