Swan And Chickens https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/ Swan And Chickens Swimming into Rays of Evening Sunlight Watercolor 30" h x 20" w The evening light invaded the calm lake, The green lake turns into crimsons red, White swans into the red lake, White swans rurned into black swans. https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=195410356 195410356 White Swans 24" h x 18" w, wax dye watercolor in rice paper, no for sale, LI Garden in Wuxi China (Watercolor Wax Dye ) this painting was in jury Show at Torrance Art Museum's 2011 Annual South Bay Focus (OPEN CALL FOR ALL SOUTH BAY 15 cities artists ) 2011 won 2nd cash place in 22nd Annual Torrance Artists' Guild 2011 Open Juried Show. November 29 - December 16, 2011 https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=143104118 143104118 Flower Screen watercolor on rice paper, image 24" h x 36" w $850 with frame https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012509 73012509 Eternal love watercolor on rice paper, image 28"h x 22"w $ 450 unframe https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012510 73012510 Happy Together watercolor on rice paper, image 30" h x 24" w $ 650 fwith rame https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=8879720 8879720 Love forever watercolor on rice paper, framed 30H by 24W $450 unframe https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012512 73012512 Baby Swans With Parents A watercolor on rice paper, image 11" h x 14" w $280 with frame https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012516 73012516 Young Swans With Parents B watercolor on rice paper, image 11" h x 14" w $280 with frame https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012517 73012517 Swans Lake In Morning wartercolor on rice paper, image 16" h x 20" w $220 unframe https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012515 73012515 Chicken Family watercolor on rice paper, image 18" h x 24" w sold https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012518 73012518 Swans Lake wartercolor on rice paper,24h x 30w sold https://www.juliachupainting.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=73012514 73012514